Birds of Urbanity : Kolkata

Humans and nature have shared a special bond since time immemorial. As time progressed, came the age of development, the green jungles have been replaced by concrete ones. With time, animals, especially birds, have learnt to adapt themselves with the new surroundings. They have started living the life we humans lead- the life in cities and let me Continue reading


Mesmerising Buxa

Intoxicating, crazy, exasperating, wonderful, squalid, beautiful, overwhelming, and fantastic,yeah that is how I would describe Buxa.

Travelling and photography have always been my greatest love. So, after my class 12th board exams ended, I had an urge to visit the Buxa Tiger Reserve about which I had heard so much from Mainak Da and Agnij Da . Unfortunately , my first plan got cancelled because of my father’s election duty. I was left disappointed and heartbroken. But Lady Luck took pity on me and the day after I got a phone call from my English Teacher, Sandip Sir, an active member of the WLB ( Wiki Loves Butterfly) Team , asking me to join them on a photography expedition to Jayanti and Buxa . I jumped at the offer and took no time to say yes.
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